Below are descriptions of roles typically needed for each production.


Lead: Laura Edeburn

Arrive 1 hour prior to show time for set-up of the ticket table. Help sell tickets and manage will-call tickets, which were purchased online. Help put away ticket supplies once sales are over. Generally, you will be able to see all but the very beginning of the show.


Lead: Lindsay Heisel

Arrive 1 hour prior to show. You will direct audience members to the auditorium and hand out programs. If you stay and watch the show, you are asked to help move people back into the theatre at end of intermission. After the performance ends, please collect programs at the door to be reused for the next performance.

StarGrams/Flowers at Intermission

Lead: Christina Gronvoll

Prior to the start of show and during intermission sell StarGrams / Flowers outside of the theater doors. After intermission, we do ask the volunteers to pack up all concessions and put it away.


Lead: Alicia Ringer

You will sell concessions (snacks and water) prior to the show starting and during intermission. After intermission, we do ask the volunteers to pack up all concessions and put it away.

Help with Hair and Makeup/Quick Costume Changes

Lead: Laurie Clements

Arrive at cast call and help actors with their hair and makeup. No exceptional talent required—the kids generally know how to do this but might need a little assistance. You may also be needed to assist with quick changes during the performance.


Deliver posters to assigned locations in the area prior to the show. An electronic sign-up document will be provided (via JTC email) so that volunteers know where to deliver. Bring your own masking & scotch tape. Painters tape works well.

  • You will be given a list of businesses that have accepted posters in the past.  You will also find a list of businesses who have refused with a date of the last attempt. If you do find another place that will let you hang the poster, please make a note of this.  Also make notes of any special delivery information (e.g. “only open on weekdays from 7am to 3 pm”,  “best to deliver on Saturday when someone is around”, or “put on columns in the entryway”, etc.)
  • Some places will want to hang the poster(s) themselves, and this is okay.
  • Try to hang posters in high-traffic areas.
  • In schools, we want posters in hallway or on windows by front door - not in teacher’s lounge.

Friends of JTC Table

Lead: Christina Stockton

Prior to the start of show and during intermission, assist the Friends of JTC table in the lobby. After intermission, we do ask the volunteers to pack up all items and put it away. Volunteers facilitate having guests spin wheel, collect spin money, and allocate prizes won from the spin.