Below are descriptions of roles typically needed for each production.


Lead: Marcie Coval

Arrive 1 hour prior to show time for set-up of the ticket table. Help sell tickets and manage will-call tickets, which were purchased online. Help put away ticket supplies once sales are over. You may be asked to count money from the ticket sales with Tammy Price as the show begins. Generally, you will be able to see all but the very beginning of the show. Two volunteers are needed to assist the lead.


Lead: Vicki Nesser

Arrive 45 minutes prior to show. (Exception – For the children’s shows, you will be asked to arrive 1 hour early to help seat the students; there are no tickets for these shows.) There are 3 different things you may do as an usher and they are: 1 – take tickets, 2 – hand out programs and 3 – assist Brown Paper Ticket holders in finding their reserved seats. If you stay and watch the show, you are asked to help move people back into the theatre at end of intermission. After the performance ends, 2 people will be asked to collect programs at the door to be reused for the next performance. Number of ushers needed per show varies throughout the run.

StarGrams/Flowers at Intermission

Lead: Kris Schultz

Prior to the final scene in first act, leave theatre and get ready to sell StarGrams/Flowers with instructions from Deb Dukelow.

Concessions at Intermission

Lead: Tracy Nelson

Prior to the final scene in the first act, leave theatre and get ready to sell concessions with instructions from Sue Kasahara.

Help with Hair and Makeup/Quick Costume Changes

Lead: Laurie Clements

Arrive at cast call and help actors with their hair and makeup. No exceptional talent required—the kids generally know how to do this but might need a little assistance. You may also be needed to assist with quick changes during the performance. One volunteer is needed for each of the dressing rooms during the first few performances. After that, the kids are generally good to go on their own.

Monitor Stage Doors

Arrive just prior to show time. One volunteer is needed to sit at each of the north and south hallways right by the stage entrance doors. Monitor doors to make sure no unauthorized people enter area. Keep an eye on kids. Help out with quick costume or makeup changes if necessary. Bring along something to do or read if you like. Very important – Make sure the hallways remain as quiet as possible; especially during the children’s performances.

Poster Delivery

Deliver posters to assigned locations in the area prior to the show.