A student will qualify to letter when they reach 12 points of participation in Jefferson Theatre Company. Points are cumulative from year to year, but after students receive the first letter, each additional 12 points earns them a bar.  The summer musical does not count toward lettering.

In order for participation to count toward lettering, students must complete a JTC Lettering worksheet for each production. Forms will be collected after each show and will accumulate until a letter is earned. We recommend that students print out a lettering worksheet in advance of participating in each production to get appropriate sign-offs as needed.


Each production earns 3 points.  To earn all three points, the following requirements must be met:


Includes acting, tech crew, or pit orchestra.

  • Student must pay the school activity fee or qualify for activity fee waivers per district policy for each production.
  • Only productions that charging an activity fee are eligible to earn points.
  • Student must participate in the production for the complete run of the show.
  • No more than two unexcused absences are allowed during a production. An unexcused absence is any missed rehearsal not expressly communicated and approved by the director either on the audition form or via electronic written communication. This communication may consist of an email or text. Verbal communication will not be accepted. Excessive lateness will be considered an absence.
  • Student may not be paid wages for their participation in the production.

Set Construction

Sign in with the Parent Set Lead or a JTC captain. Indicate the date you work on set construction on the lettering worksheet.  Hours required varies from production to production.  If required set construction is not completed, you will not be cast in the next production.

Set Strike

Ask the director or Parent Set Lead to sign off on your worksheet indicating participation in the set strike. Completed worksheets will be collected by the director at set strike.

Other Involvement

  • Theatre Captains (3 points per year of service).
  • Filling a volunteer need for two shows (1 point per production).
  • Helping with set construction (1 point per 4 – 6 hours – varies from production to production).