A Message to Our Supporters

Hello to our JTC Family

,We are deeply saddened to need to cancel Fiddler on the Roof. Unfortunately given the uncertainty of when or if school will resume this spring, it is simply not feasible to continue with the show.
It is with great sadness we reached this decision. Students have spent so much time learning the dances, the songs, the characters. There was an energy and depth in their interpretations of these characters and the people in this village who were living at such an extraordinary time. Not, frankly, unlike what we are all experiencing now. We are living a lesson from Fiddler- in a time of unrest and change we go back to the family and our traditions. When we are through this unsettling time, some things will change but the goodness of the people will endure. 
This week would have been our opening week- the most stressful time in a production evolving through the magic of theatre to a spectacular opening night. We always say this too will pass knowing what follows tech.  Remember that this too shall pass. 

We are still planning to go ahead with the Student Directed One Acts which were to perform the evening schools shut down. We are hoping to perform in June or July, once we receive the go-ahead from the Governor.

Be safe, be well.

And as Tevye says “To Life!”
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