What We Do

Theater plays an important role in helping students gain confidence, express creativity, learn teamwork, and build community.  Jefferson Theatre Company (JTC) performs four to five shows per year, ranging from musicals to holiday shows, from children’s shows to theatre classics.

  • We reach audiences of as many as 2,000 who are family, students, friends, and members of the community.
  • JTC has over 45 years of tradition of high school performances!
  • 250+ student performers, musicians, stage and technical crew and parent volunteers participate annually.
  • Every production features a special performance for older citizens
  • More than 3,000 elementary school students attend our annual children’s performances.

How To Contact Us

Performances are held in the Jefferson High School auditorium.  This serves as our mailing address as well:
4001 West 102nd Street
Bloomington, MN  55437
(the southwest corner of the intersection of France Avenue & 102nd Street).

General inquiries may directed to:

Specific contacts are listed below

Who We Are

Theater Captains

Social Media:  Jenna Clements  –
Outreach:  Katriela Caspari –
Fundraising:  Sean Sheets –
Set Building:  Alena Krauss –
Banquet:  Katriela Caspari –
The Mousetrap:  Sean Sheets –
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe:  Sarah Hatton –
Fahrenheit 451:  Ben Kasahara –
Student Directed One Acts:  Maggie Baukol –
Chicago:  Jenna Clements –

JTC Board Contacts

President:  Nita Hughes –
Vice President:  Meg Hatton –
Treasurer:  Susan Kasahara –
Communications/Secretary: Amy Krauss –
Fundraising:  Una Sheets –
Marketing/Publicity:  Lori Sjoquist –
Director:  Laura Schmit –
Tickets:  Michele Stark –

Other Contacts

Set Designer: Robin McIntyre –
Music Director:  Jamie Schmidt –
Choreographer: Natalie Schmit –
Costume Manager: Laurie Clements –
The Mousetrap Director:  Erika Sasseville –
The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe Director:  Suzanne Gomes –
Fahrenheit 451 Director:  Laura Schmit –
Chicago Director:  Laura Schmit –
Activities Director: Chad Nyberg –

Volunteer Leads

It takes many hands to make a great show! Parent Volunteer Leads head up various areas and coordinate the activities that support our shows.  We couldn’t do our productions without each parent’s support.

Advertising Sales (Program Ads):  Meg Hatton –
Banquet:  Leslie Kapocious –
Communication:  Amy Krauss –
Concessions:  Rick & Twila Bourgon –
Flowers:  Belinda Caspari –
Photography:  Luke White –
Poster Distribution:  Darlene Schrauth —
Show Programs:  Amy Krauss –
Spirit Wear:  Jannie Higgins –
Star Grams:  Belinda Caspari –
Tickets:  Michele Stark –
T-Shirts: Jannie Higgins –
Ushers:  Karla Rokke –
Volunteer Coordinator:  Beth Quevli –
Website:  Amy Krauss –