Cast Lists Announced for Student Directed One Acts

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Cast List:

  • Agent Griffin: Jaylan Tuisaloo
  • Agent Perry: Ryan Seaver
  • Agent Stone: Maggie Baukol
  • Agent Holmes: Alena Krauss
  • Agent Britton: Jenna Zimmerman
  • Agent Cunningham: Jessica Stark
  • Mrs. Truckle, Mr. Zurm, Mob: Brianna Backes
  • Felicia, Leon, Mob: Solie Hage
  • Robert, Quarterback, Prince, Mob: Max Tuerpe
  • Erica, Creepy Guy, Mob: Anya Sorenson
  • Jennifer, Joan, Valedictorian, Mob: Andie Schrader
  • Operator, Sub B, Mob: Brooke Sorenson
  • Sorry, Sub C, Mob: Jarret Helmer
  • What, Sub D, Walker: Anna Schrauth
  • Wendell, Robbie, TV Announcer, Mob: Mina Hammer
  • Robbie, Beth, Mob: Katie Hatton
  • Anna, Karl, Timmy: Tsione Teklu
  • Girl, Seth, Mob: Zoey Coval
  • Stage Manager:  Piage Staub
  • Crew: Bailey Skarbalus, Zoe Quevli

I was very impressed with everyone’s auditions and I am so excited to begin working with you all! We are going to have a read through this Tuesday at 3:00pm after school at my house. Address will be sent in our group chat. Congratulations and I will see you all then! — Jenna

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Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned for the Student Directed shows!! — Katriela

Cast list:

  • Hawkeye- Ben Kasahara
  • Batman- Sean Sheets
  • Storm- Juliet White
  • Orin- Jayden Johnson
  • Ventnor, Ulma- Mal Bowman
  • Wonder Woman, Penelope- Amy Swanton
  • Felicia, Teen 2- Maureen Smith
  • Clark Kent- Chuck Decklever
  • Yorma- Ella Kapocius
  • Yale- Juma Waganda
  • Woman, Super Fan 1- Julianna Langer
  • Robin, Tucker- Landen Glenna
  • Nelson, Garth- Andrew Kramer
  • Green Lantern, Client- Matthew Davis
  • Spiderman- Ebba Wako
  • Hulk- Olivia Higgins
  • Mia- Naomi Dargis
  • Tommy, Super Fan 3- Keegan Hoffer
  • Super Fan 2- Daria Seaver
  • Teenage Girl, Teen 1, Fan- Payton Johnson
  • Jimmy, Boss, Manager- Quintin Rippiebakke
  • Tina, Intern- Grace Phan


  • Zoe Zarth = Stage Manager
  • Bailey Skarbalus, Gabe Hansen