Cast List Announced for “The Mousetrap”

The Mousetrap Cast List (In order of appearance)

Mollie Ralston – Hannah Ervin
Giles Ralston – Sean Sheets
Christopher Wren – Teddy Miller
Mrs. Boyle – Katriela Caspari
Major Metcalf – Matthew Davis
Miss Casewell – Sarah Hatton
Mr. Paravicini – Olivia Higgins
Sgt. Trotter – Ben Kasahara

Tech Crew (in no particular order):

I am uncertain how many we will need in the end, so this number may fluctuate over time but I promise I will find a job for everyone!

Alena Krauss
Maggie Baukol
Grace Phan
Mal Bowman
Alyssa Harms
Bailey Skarbalus