Cast List Announced for The Crucible – Competitive One Act

Thank you all for your auditions and callbacks! I am so impressed by all of the talent we have and am looking forward to getting started with rehearsals. 

Our first rehearsal is pushed back to November 29th

The first two weeks will be full cast rehearsals. We will be reading the script, cutting and timing the script, researching the history and the characters, as well as cast bonding. Location of rehearsals will likely either be choir room, stage, orchestra room or C wing. Space will be clarified in GroupMe based on availability.

For rehearsal please pack a water bottle, notebook, PENCIL, post it notes, and a snack.

First Two Weeks:
November 29 – 4:30-7:30 
November 30 – 4:00-7:00
December 1 – 4:00-7:00
December 6 – 4:00-7:00
December 7 – 4:00-7:00
December 10 – 4:00-7:00

Starting on the 13th, rehearsals will be called based on scenes or characters for specific times.

Here is the cast list: 

Reverend Parris – Aidan Busse
Abigail Williams – Evelyn Smith
Betty Parris – Katrina Daigle
Ann Putnam – Joey Stedman
Thomas Putnam – Ryan Seaver
Mercy Lewis – Payton Johnson
Mary Warren – Zoey Coval
John Proctor – Elias Caspari
Giles Corey – Sam DeToffol
Rebecca Nurse – Maddie Michaels
Reverend Hale – Ethan Nelson
Elizabeth Proctor – Katie Hatton
Francis Nurse – Hogan Vaupel
Ezekiel Cheever – Emily Shultz
Judge Danforth – Andrew Kramer
Accusers (Girls) – Lily Hansen, Greta Hogrefe, Morgan Ringer

Tech: Riley Manwarren, Sarah Zimmerman
Costumes: Elise Lee

If you did not get cast this time, please continue auditioning and signing up for tech! I wish I could have cast all who auditioned and signed up. The one act has rules that limit the number to 20 actors/tech. I encourage everyone to audition or do tech for the musical – All Shook Up! We have space for everyone in that show.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving break!