Cast List Announced for Pullman Car Hiawatha

Cast list announced for Pullman Car Hiawatha …

Thanks to all of you who auditioned!  I am continually impressed with the talent I see at JTC.  Casting is always a complicated puzzle.  For those that were not cast, it’s important you know it is no reflection on your talent or abilities!  I look forward to seeing you at future auditions and productions!  

Pullman Car Hiawatha Company

Stage Manager (Tech)Paige Staub
Lights (Tech)Ebba Wako
Costumes (Tech)Abby Swan
Stage ManagerRachel Hadley
C3 – Insane Woman – Mrs. ChurchillSarah Hatton
C3 – (Male) Attendant – MorganBrianna Backes
C3 – Female Attendant – A trained nurseZoe Quevli
C2 – Philip MilburyAidan Busse
C1 – Harriet MilburyMal Bowman
L1 – A Maiden Lady (complainer)Bailey Skarbalus
L3 – A Middle-Aged DoctorTori Marick
L5 – A Stout Woman (grumbler)Andie Schrader
L7 – An Engineer, BillGabe Hansen
L9 – An Engineer, FredGreta Wolsky
The Porter, HarrisonCarter Andrews
Grovers Corners, OHNaomi Dargis
The FieldKatrina Daigle
A TrampCaroline Harding
Parkersburg, OHAnna Schrauth
A Workman, Kruger, a ghostTBD
The Worker, a watchmanMadilyn Ingebritsen
The Weather, represented by a MechanicAidan Busse
Ten O’ClockNaomi Dargis
Eleven O’ClockMadilyn Ingebritsen
Twelve O’ClockAnna Schrauth
MercuryCarter Andrews
VenusBailey Skarbalus
MarsGabe Hansen
JupiterGreta Wolsky
SaturnAnna Schrauth
GabrielZoe Quevli
MichaelBrianna Backes
Parkersburg, OH, singerAndie Schrader
Parkersburg, OH, singerBailey Skarbalus


Pullman Car Hiawatha:  Jerry Gomes –

Pullman Car Hiawatha Captain: Gabe Hansen –