Cast List Announced for It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Play Cast List Thank you again to all who auditioned! This was an unconventional audition process and you were all wonderful (seriously, once again, no pun intended). Cast and Sound Effects Team: Please email me at to accept your role. Thank you and I’ll see you at rehearsal on October 19th at 6:00pm! – Erika

ELIAS CASPARI – George Bailey
EMILY SHULTZ – Mary Hatch Bailey
AIDAN BUSSE – Joseph/Binky
TEDDY MILLER – Uncle Billy Bailey
DYLAN RINGER – Mr. Potter/Cop
MADILYN INGEBRITSEN – Violet Bick/Sadie Vance
KATIE HATTON – Rose Bailey/Mrs. Thompson/Shultz
QUINTIN RIPPEBAKKE – Harry Bailey/Ed/Horace
ZOEY COVAL – Bert/Dr. Campbell/Man (run on the bank)
JOEY STEDMAN – Ernie/Ruth Dakin Bailey/Janie Bailey
ZOE QUEVLI – Freddie Filmore/Tommy Bailey
ETHAN NELSON – Mr. Gower/Martini/Sheriff
HOGAN VAUPEL – Pete Bailey/Peter Bailey/Mr. Welch
MABEL WEISMANN – Zuzu Bailey/Matilda/Mrs. Hatch/Man (at Martini’s)
ANDREW KRAMER – Sam Wainwright/Old Man Collins/Charlie/Nick/Bridge Keeper

Sound Effects Team
Riley Manwarren
Evelyn Smith
Sofia Pehrson
Stefan Peacha

Tech Crew
Sarah Zimmerman – Stage Manager
Brendan Roy
ShenQin Blaubach

Costume Crew
Stay tuned: I need to chat with Laurie about her needs

Here is also a link with the list: