Cast List Announced for A Seussified Christmas Carol


Narrator #1 – Ethan Nelson
Narrator #2 – Zoey Coval
The Scrooge- Aidan Busse
Lighthouse Keeper #1/Solicitor #1-Gabi Stockton
Lighthouse keeper #2/Solicitor #2-Sarah Zimmerman
Boy Scrooge/Sailor #4- Greta Hogrefe
Young Scrooge/ Sailor #1-Maddie Michaels
Little Fan/Bystander #3- Zoey Edeburn
SchoolMaster/Bystander #1-Spencer Lilla
SchoolMaster’s Servant/Bystander #2- Genevieve Mitchell
Belle/Sailor #2- Evelyn Smith
Belle’s Husband/Sailor #3-Jasper Gabrielson
Jake Marley -Elias Caspari
Ghost of Christmas Past -Quintin Rippiebakke
Ghost of A Christmas Present- Ryan Seaver
Sven, Ghost of Christmas Future-Brooke Neeser
Bob Crachit -Andrew Kramer
Mrs. Crachit – Emily Shultz

Crachit children:
Ringo/Belle’s child-Claire Folkert
Sally/Belle’s child-SummerAnn Walker
Buff/Belle’s child- Rex Dauphinas
Turly/Belle’s child- Tina Bagheri
Jen/Belle’s child-Genevieve Mitchell
Nip/Belle’s child-Jasper Gabrielson
Timmy Loo Hoo/Belle’s child-Hogan Vaupel
A Girl- Greta Hogrefe
A Maid -Hazel Collins
Bed Head Fred -Katie Hatton
Bed Head Fred’s Wife-Katrina Daigle

Party guest 2/Belle’s child-Sofia Peherson
Party Guest 3/Belle’s child-Morgan Ringer
Party guest 4/Belle’s child-Bridget Neeser
Party guest 5/Belle’s child-Lily Hansen
Party Guest 6/Belle’s child- Jonathan Gronvall
Party Guest 7/Belle’s child-Joey Stedman
Old Fezziwig-Jonathan Gronvall
Mrs. Fezziwig-Bridget Neeser
Plus the Sneetch Beat Band and Ghost Posse (needs to skateboard!) to be determined at rehearsal.
Riley Manwarren-Stage Manager
Al Sevcik
Kephren Jess
Lilly Pinkosky-DeVaan
Elise Lee- costumes
See you all at the first rehearsal October 11 at 4:30 on stage. Get ready for some fun!
Laura Schmit

Here is the tentative rehearsal schedule:  ScheduleSeuss   
Actors will be called for specific times and scenes. The schedule gives you the outer perimeters of when rehearsal will be.

In order to be cast or be on tech/running crew you need to be at rehearsal the day after Thanksgiving. Show opens the next day!