Call Backs For A Christmas Carol

Please read the list carefully as some people are called back for multiple roles. If you
are not called back it does not mean you are not cast. The cast list will be emailed
out to everyone by Friday.
-Gaby & Laura

Landen Glenna Ebba Waco
Jayden Johnson Henry Weismann
Landen Glenna Ebba Waco
Dylan Ringer Henry Weismann
Brook Sorensen
Jayden Johnson Ebba Waco
Teddy Miller Henry Weismann
Brook Sorensen
Teddy Miller Justin Soderberg
Dylan Ringer Ebba Waco
Ryan Seaver
Young Ebenezer/Scrooge
Aidan Busse Ethan Nelson
Elias Caspari Dylan Ringer
Jayden Johnson Quintin Rippiebakke
Clayton Larsen Justin Soderberg
Bob Cratchit
Landen Glenna Ebba Waco
Teddy Miller Henry Weismann
Dylan Ringer
Ghost of Christmas Past
Naomi Dargis Andie Schrader
Sarah Hatton Bailey Skarbalus
Zoe Q.uevli Maureen Smith
Ghost of Christmas Present
Mal Bowman Andie Schrader
Tori Marick Bailey Skarbalus
Teddy Miller Ebba Waco
Dylan Ringer

Bri Backes Sarah Hatton
Mal Bowman Bridget Neeser
Zoey Coval Maureen Smith
Naomi Dargis
Mrs. Cratchit
Mal Bowman Zoe Q.uevli
Naomi Dargis Greta Wolsky
Sarah Hatton
Mrs. Fezziwig
Sarah Hatton Anna Schrauth
Tori Marick Bailey Skarbalus
Shelby Miller
Callback Schedule:
Callbacks for the various roles are as follows. Please arrive 10 minutes before your callback time begins. You will be dismissed when your callback character is finished.
Callbacks will be on the stage.
6:00 pm Mrs. Fezziwig
6:15 pm Belle/Young Scrooge & Ebenezer
6:45 pm Mrs. Cratchit & Bob Cratchit
7:15 pm Bob Cratchit, Scrooge, Marley, Dickens
7:45 pm Fred, Scrooge, Ghosts