Announcing Cast List for JTC’s Production of Beauty and the Beast

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Beauty & the Beast!

Belle     Maureen Smith
Beast      Dylan Ringer
Gaston    Elias Caspari
Maurice     Anna Schrauth
Cogsworth    Aidan Busse
Mrs. Potts     Greta Wolsky
Lumiere     Teddy Miller
Chip     Zoey Coval
Babette     Naomi Dargis
Madame de la Grande Bouche     Katie Hatton
Lefou     Jayden Johnson
Monsieur D’arque     Addy Schloo
Silly Girl 1     Zoe Quevli
Silly Girl 2     Emily Shultz
Silly Girl 3     Tori Marick

Female Lead Understudies- Addy Schloo, Emily Shultz
Male Lead Understudies- Ethan Nelson, Hogan Vaupel

Ensemble Carter Andrews, Katrina Daigle, Rex Dauphinais, Zoey Edeburn, Nina Gabrielson, Payton Johnson, Johnny Kerwin, Ronan Koll, Spencer Lilla, Tori Marick, Bridget Neeser, Brooke Neeser, Ethan Nelson, Abbey Pearson, Sofia Pehrson, Zoe Quevli, Morgan Ringer, Addy Schloo, Emily Shultz, Evelyn Smith, Joey Stedman, Gabi Stockton, Hogan Vaupel, SummerAnn Walker

Narrator     Evelyn Smith
Prologue Prince     Rex Dauphinais
Old Beggar/Enchantress     Sofia Pehrson
Book Seller     Nina Gabrielson
Aristocratic Lady     Addy Schloo
Fish Man     Ethan Nelson
Egg Lady     Brooke Neeser
Sausage Curl Girl     Joey Stedman
Baker      Payton Johnson
Lady with Cane      Gabi Stockton
Lady with Baby      Katrina Daigle
Candle Man      Johnny Kerwin
Hat Seller      Zoey Edeburn
Milkmaid      Bridget Neeser
Shepherd Boy      Carter Andrews

Tech: Clare Koll, Andrew Kramer, Riley Manwarren

Rehearsals this Week! Please wear a face mask and use hand sanitizer when you enter the auditorium. We will be doing temperature checks. At our first rehearsal we will hand out scripts, go over COVID protocol, rehearsal schedule, do a read thru and play some improv games. Please bring a water bottle, pencil, and snack.
Wednesday Feb. 17 at 4 pm-7 pm
Friday Feb. 19 4 pm-7 pm

We can’t wait to begin! -Laura, Gaby and Jamie

Laura Schmit (director-
Gaby Schmit (director/choreographer-
Jamie Schmidt (musical director-

Masks and hand sanitizer are required.
Temperatures will be taken upon arrival.
Each person must be symptom-free.
See JTCBC COVID-19 plan for more information. 
Here is the link: JTCBC COVID-19 plan.