Announcing Auditions for All Shook Up!

The music of Elvis comes alive in All Shook Up. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Twelfth NightAll Shook Up follows a small Midwestern town that is thrown into a frenzy with the arrival of Chad, a good-looking, motorcycle-riding roustabout, who rides from town to town with a guitar on his back, blue suede shoes on his feet, and a song in his heart. Repressed by their conservative mayor, the town begins to come alive once more under Chad’s influence. Lovers meet, woo, pursue, and more, all in one zany night that will change the town forever. All Shook Up is a rocking, heartwarming tale about following dreams, opening up to love, and the power of music.

Vocal audition- For a lead role: Sing a song from a modern (post 1970s) musical. 16-32 bars (approx 30 seconds). 
Otherwise 30 seconds or less of any song. 

Approximately 2 paragraph Monologue from a comedy. 

Record yourself singing and performing the monologue. Email to by Feb 1. 

Corrected show dates and times 
Senior preview April 20 @3 pm
Thursday,April 21 @7 pm
Friday, April 22 @7pm
Saturday, April 23 @ 7pm
Sunday, April 24 @ 1pm

Thursday, April 28 @ 7pm
Friday, April 29 @ 7pm
Saturday, April 20 @ 1pm & 7pm

Rehearsal schedule available online. Please note that though some rehearsals are quite lengthy we will be calling specific characters for specific scenes, songs or dances. Rehearsals avoid show choir conflicts and Angelica conflicts until immediately before the show.  If you are in band or orchestra you will obviously be excused from rehearsals when there are concerts. For those in speech, please let me know your individual schedules.