Cast List Announced for “Fahrenheit 451”

Fahrenheit 451 Cast List

Montag – Gabe Hansen
Black – Isaiah Bustamante
Holden – Max Tuerpe
Beatty – Ben Kasahara
Clarisse – Jenna Clements
First Paramedic – Tori Marick
Second Paramedic – Mal Bowman
Mildred “Millie” – Naomi Dargis
Mrs. Hudson – Alena Krauss
Faber – Quinn Bourgon
Book People – Maggie Baukol, Sarah Hatton, Zoe Quevli
Stage Manager – Mina Hammer
Sound – Bailey Skarbalus
Lights –
Video – Olivia Higgins
Tech – Jessica Stark
Costumes – Abby Swan, Amy Swanton

Rehearsals begin tomorrow (Wednesday) in the orchestra room from 6-9 pm.

Thank you everybody for auditioning! The one act has strict rules on the number of students who can participate which limits us in casting and crew.

We hope to see you all at Chicago auditions!

-Gaby & Laura