Cast List Announced for “Aladdin”

Thank you all for auditioning. We are eager to start rehearsals. First read through with everyone — cast AND crew — is Wednesday, February 15th at 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. on stage.

— Laura Schmit, Jane Samsal, Natalie Schmit, & David Zimmerman


  • Aladdin – Tyson Insixiengmai
  • Jasmine – Izzy La Marca
  • Genie – Alexa Schirber
  • Iago – Jack Wisniewski
  • Jafar – Tom Rajcula
  • Sultan – Peter Elliott
  • Narrator 1 – Sydney Dunham
  • Narrator 2 – Lauren Rosenberg
  • Narrator 3 – Jenna Zimmerman
  • Narrator 4 – Maya Mic
  • Narrator 5 – Elise Johnson
  • Magic Carpet – Megan Borgerding
  • Razoul (chief guard) – Quincy Bryant
  • Matron – Heidi Krauss
  • Girl – Jessica Stark


(includes harem girls, guards, townspeople, royals- specific roles determined at first dance rehearsal):

  • Maggie Baukol
  • Jhenna Becker
  • Lydia Borrell
  • Quinn Bourgon
  • Mandii Braun
  • Chase Brown
  • Katriela Caspari
  • Jenna Clements
  • Anna Cole
  • Samantha Evert
  • Anna Marie Gomes
  • Gabe Hansen
  • Ella Jones – see Laura
  • Ella Kapocius
  • Benjamin Kasahara
  • Alena Krauss
  • Joshua Lueth
  • Mari Mason
  • Emma Matson
  • Paislee Olson
  • Dani Peterson
  • Annika Ronning
  • Phil Royer
  • Sean Sheets
  • Lexi Shields
  • Kate Snyder
  • Jessica Stark
  • Max Stenbeck
  • Hannah Terry
  • Devyn Terry
  • Lucas Thurston
  • Juliet White
  • Yazzmine Zaccardi – see Laura


  • Stage Manager – Greg Kohler
  • Asst. Stage Manager – Linnea Kocher – see Laura
  • Asst. Stage Manager – Sabrina Hansen
  • Costumes – Tori Lundeen
  • Costumes – Amy Swanton
  • Lights – Andrew Norfolk
  • Sound – Emily Jorschumb
  • Orchestra – William Gomes
  • RJ Arpin
  • Emma Bonney
  • Annika Dietrich – see Laura
  • Lillian Garretson
  • Mina Hammer
  • Olivia Higgins
  • Zoe Phan
  • Jackson Plante
  • Jillian Sjoquist
  • JT Sjoquist
  • Paige Staub – see Laura
  • Abby Swan
  • Roland Wenzel

Announcing Our 2016-2017 Season!

2016-2017 JTC SeasonCome join us for a season of outstanding performances from the award winning Jefferson Theatre Company!  We have an exciting line up of fantastic shows in store for you!

  • The Comedy of Errors, September 28th – October 2nd
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, November 16th – 19th
  • Inherit The Wind, February 10th
  • Student Directed One Acts, March 23rd & 24th
  • Aladdin, May 3rd – 7th

Callbacks Announced for “Aladdin”

Callbacks for Aladdin will be tomorrow night, February 13th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. for the following students

Note: Though you may not have been called back, you are still under consideration for casting.  Please watch for the official cast list to be posted Tuesday, February 14th.
For Jasmine:

  • Izzy La Marca
  • Kate Snyder
  • Devyn Terry
  • Juliet White

For Aladdin:

  • Tom Rajcula
  • Phil Royer
  • Tyson Insixiengmai
  • Andrew Norfolk

For Genie:

  • Alexa Schirber
  • Quincy Bryant
  • Maya Mic
  • Elise Johnson

For Jafar- you will be singing his song “Why Me”:

  • William Gomes
  • Max Stenbeck
  • Andrew Norfolk
  • Tom Rajcula

For Iago:

  • Jack Wisniewski
  • Alexa Schirber
  • William Gomes
  • Heidi Krauss

For Sultan:

  • Peter Elliott

Bloomington One Act Plays Presented Friday, February 10th

Inherit the Wind is Jefferson Theatre Company’s dramatic One Act Play based on the 1925 Scopes Trial. A Tennessee school teacher is arrested for violating the Butler Act, a state law which prohibits public school teachers from teaching evolution. Drawing intense national media attention, two of the nation’s leading lawyers go head-to-head, one defending the Bible and Creation, the other an advocate for Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Kennedy Theatre Company will be performing the One Act Play The Lottery based on the book by Shirley Jackson. The story opens as children busy themselves collecting stones. The head of each household comes forward and draws a slip of paper for the lottery. One slip has a black spot. Once a family is chosen, the second round begins.

Come see these One Act Plays performed together at Kennedy High School on Friday, February 10th at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 and $8 for students and seniors.

Please share our Facebook event with friends and family!

JTC Spring Musical Auditions Announement

Announcing auditions for Aladdin, our spring musical.

Auditions will be held on Sunday, February 12th from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.  Callbacks will be Monday, February 13th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.  Locations for both will be posted on the front doors as well as the stage doors.

All forms and payments must be complete before you will be allowed to audition.  Orchestra members and tech crew are expected to complete this process as well by the audition date.

When completing your audition form, please list ALL conflicts. You will not be able to expand conflicts after rehearsals have begun.  You are expected to be in attendance at ALL rehearsals unless specified in your listing of conflicts on the audition form.

All registrations need to be completed and fees paid before you are allowed to audition.  To ensure a smooth audition, please complete your online registration at least 2 hours before auditions begin to allow your registration to be processed.  You may email your photo and/or one-page resume to

Music samples for preparation are available in Jane Samsal’s office in the choir room or you can download a copy here.

Dress to dance and move.

Detailed instructions regarding the audition process can be found here.

Rehearsals for Aladdin begin February 15th, and you can find a complete rehearsal schedule here.

Please direct any questions to

Cast Lists Announced for Student Directed One Acts

The Monologue Show directed by Maya Mic

Thank you all for auditioning- there was so much talent and it was very hard to cast! I’m looking forward to working on this show!

  • Bradley, Alessio, Matt, Joe – Sean Sheets
  • London, Brianna, Callie, Angelica – Jenna Clements
  • Marla, Morgan, Mia, Burma – Katie Weston
  • Brenda, Jessi, Kate – Ella Kapocius
  • Caleb, Angel, Jeramy – Gabe Hansen

Breaking Badly directed by Jillian Sjoquist

Thank you to everyone who auditioned you were all awesome!!

  • Kimmy/Serena/Pam – Nora Mohamed
  • Eric/Wendy/Big Tony/Boss/accountant/Tim Brody/random thief/Great aunt Midge/JD/Simon – Quincy Bryant
  • Jack – Juliet White
  • Lily – Katriela Caspari
  • Bill/medic #1/airplane captain/Henry – William Gomes
  • Carrie/Emma/Kate – Amy Swanton
  • Debbie/Barnes/May – Zoë Walker
  • Joey/Richard/Ray – Metta Johnson
  • Alan/Farrah/Jay – Lucas Thurston
  • Greg/Jessica/Fay – Maggie Baukol
  • Medic#2/Casey/Domino – Quinn Bourgon

Game of Tiaras directed by Stuart Fronk

Thanks to everyone who auditioned!

  • Narrator 1 – Sydney Dunham
  • Narrator 2 – Anne-Marie Gomes
  • Snow White/Talking Tea Pot Lady/Zobie – Sarah Hatton
  • Belle – Lexi Shields
  • Cinderella – Morgan Limmer
  • Ellie (Snow Queen) – Lauren Rosenberg
  • King – Roland Wenzel
  • Prince Charming – Tom Rajcula
  • Smeagol – Charles Hodgeman
  • French Prince/Executioner – Jack Wisniewski
  • Blood Packet Guy – Philip Royer
  • Guard 1 – Alena Krauss
  • Guard 2 – Nora Malueg
  • Guard 3/Herald – Hannah Fuchs
  • Soldier 1/ French Soldier 1 – Heidi Krauss
  • Soldier 2/French Soldier 2 – Paislee Olson
  • Soldier 3/ French Soldier 3 – Annika Ronning
  • Animated Snowman/Talking Candle Man/Dwarf – Tori Lundeen

Call Backs Announced for Student Directed One Acts

Callbacks for the student directed one acts will be tomorrow, January 10th at 3:00 p.m in the choir room for the following students

Note: Though you may not have been called back, you are still under consideration for casting.  Please watch for the official cast list.

  • Lucas Thurston
  • Paislee Olson
  • Roland Wenzel
  • Lauren Rosenberg
  • Lexi Schields
  • Gabe Hanson
  • Jenna Clemments
  • Sarah Hatton
  • Nora Mohamed
  • Tori Lundeen
  • Amy Swanton
  • Ella Kapocius
  • Annika Ronning
  • Katie Weston
  • Anna-Marie Gomes
  • Charles Hodgeman
  • Jack Wisniewski
  • Sydney Dunham
  • Tom Rajcula
  • Morgan Limmer
  • Phil Royer

Announcing Auditions for Student Directed One Acts

Auditions for the student directed one acts will be held on Monday, January 9th in the choir room.  There will be three different one acts for which to audition and you may audition for one, two, or all three.  Callbacks will be Tuesday, January 10th.  Performances are on March 23rd and March 24th.  Audition times are as follows:

3:00 – 3:45  The Monologue Show (From Hell)

3:45 – 4:30  Game of Tiarras

4:30 – 5:15  Breaking Badly

Forms will be available at auditions.  Note there are no JTC fees or MSHSL fees for these productions.

Student Directors Announced for One Act Plays

We are pleased to announce the directors of the student directed one act plays to be presented Thursday, March 23rd and Friday, March 24th.

Stuart Fronk will be directing Game of Tiaras, Jillian Sjoquist will be directing Breaking Badly, and Maya Mic will be directing The Monologue Show (From Hell).

Stay tuned for announcements regarding auditions.

Be sure to come out on March 23rd and 24th to enjoy these fantastic comedies!

Summer Internship Opportunity

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation’s Student Leaders® summer internship program is accepting student applications for the summer of 2017. The interns work at Hennepin Theatre Trust for the summer!

Since its inception in 2005, the Bank of America Student Leaders Program has recognized more than 2,300 exemplary high school juniors and seniors who have a passion for improving their communities.  The program helps students gain a greater understanding of how nonprofits create impact in the community and helps develop them as the next generation of community leaders through two components:

  • A paid, eight-week summer internship with a Minneapolis-based nonprofit selected by the bank. This internship is designed to provide opportunities for the students to develop and apply leadership skills through hands-on work experience, collaboration skills through a group project, and exposure to the impact their host organization and other nonprofits have in the Twin Cities.
  • A week-long, all-expense paid Student Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C. from July 9-14, 2017.

Conducted in partnership with the Close Up Foundation, the Summit introduces students to aspects of civic, social and business leadership and provides them with knowledge and skills they will use throughout their life to create positive community change.  Our MN students will join hundreds of their Student Leader® peers from across the country during the Summit.

Students can apply for the program by going to Please note the application deadline is January 27, 2017.

Cast List Announced for “Inherit the Wind”

inheritthewindThank you to all of you who auditioned and submitted your interest in a tech role!

The casting for this show was very difficult with so many talented auditioners.  Unfortunately, the one-act competition rules limit us to a combined total of 20 cast and crew participants.

  • Bertram Cates – Philip Royer
  • Rachel Brown – Jenna Clements
  • Henry Drummond – Heidi Krauss
  • Matthew Harrison Brady – William Gomes
  • Mrs. Brady – Maya Mic
  • Tom Davenport – Tom Rajcula
  • The Judge – Nora Mohamed
  • Mr. Meeker – Benjamin Kasahara
  • Howard Blair – Sean Sheets
  • Ensemble (J. Dunlap) – Joshua Lueth
  • Ensemble (G. Sillers) – Emily Wheeler
  • Ensemble (Reverend Brown) – Tommy Shultz
  • Ensemble (Dr. A. D. Keller) – Ella Kapocius
  • Ensemble (Dr. Page) – Jessica Stark
  • Ensemble (Walter Aaronson) – Cade Andrews
  • Ensemble (Mrs. Loomis) – Tori Lundeen
  • Ensemble (Mrs. McLain) – Amy Swanton
  • Ensemble (Mrs. Krebs) – Maggie Baukol
  • Stage Manager – Olivia Higgins
  • Costumes – Megan Borgerding *
  • Lights – Andrew Norfolk
  • Props – Annika Dietrich *

* JTC Company (audience member at competitions)

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