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Volunteers Needed for “The Snow Queen”

Jefferson Theatre Company’s production of “The Snow Queen” will be here before we know it and we need your help!  In order to fill all the needs, we need each family to sign up for at least 2 volunteer slots.  Please check your calendars and secure your volunteer times using the link below ASAP.  Detailed descriptions of each job may be found on the JTC website under “Volunteering”  Or, you may also contact the volunteer coordinator, Jonna Snyder, if you have any questions.  The chair people for each volunteer designation will be at the performances, but are not included in the sign-up needs.  For this production, we need everyone to sign-up for more than one volunteer opportunity and help is welcome from all JTC parents.  Thank you!
Here’s the link to sign up:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090b4aa5aa23a75-thesnow


Jefferson Theatre Company Presents “The Snow Queen”

SNOWQUEENposterJefferson Theatre Company is proud to announce their production of The Snow Queen by Hans Christan Anderson.  It will be presented at Jefferson High School December 4th through the 6th. Please join us for this chilling fairy tale! Tickets are available now through Brown Paper Tickets.  Click here to reserve your seat today!

Show Times:
December 4th & 5th at 7:00 pm
December 5th & 6th  3:00 pm

Share our Facebook event with friends and family!  Click here to view the Facebook event.

Tap Dance Workshops Announced

In anticipation of “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, the first two Tap Workshops have been scheduled for:

  • Mon. December 14th at 3:15pm
  • Tues. January 5th at 3:15pm
  • Wed. January 20th at 3:15pm

All workshops will take place on stage and will last one hour.  Each student should be prepared to pay $5 for each session.

Please dress to move and bring proper shoes to dance in. Hard-soled, lace-up or buckled dress shoes will be just fine. If you have tap shoes, you are welcome to wear them. Dance shoes without taps will work well too. But absolutely no rubber-soled shoes, as they do not allow you to create a tap action. Any further questions about shoes can be addressed to Stephanie Harmon at: Choreography@JeffersonTheatreCompany.org

If you would like to be considered for a lead role who taps in “Millie” you MUST attend these workshops. It will be impossible to consider you for these roles without having some good idea about how you tap, or how quickly you pick up on it.

AUDITIONS will be either the last week of January or the second week of February.  Following auditions, there will be at least one more workshop scheduled (two more if we can find the space).

Have fun with percussive peds!

Jefferson Theatre Company and Give to the Max Day

JTC has been participating in “Give to the Max” day for a number of years and has decided to go direct to the funding source this year. Give to the Max” is a great organization.  However, for every dollar someone donates to JTC, they keep a portion as a fee.  Please donate directly to JTC to increase the amount which benefits JTC. We appreciate all of the help we have received in past years and look forward to your future financial support.  Donations can be sent directly to:
Tammy Price
attn: JTC
6901 W 84th Street, #121
Bloomington, MN  55437

Please make checks payable to “JTC”.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Snow Queen Parent Meeting

​Thursday, November 5th at 7:00 p.m. at the south end of the JHS cafeteria

At least one parent must attend this very important informational meeting. Cast members are welcome to attend as well.

The meeting will last approximately one hour. Topics include information about the show, expectations, schedules, costumes, and how parents can help.

The Snow Queen Cast List Announced

Announcing the cast for The Snow Queen!

  • Bhima – Morgan Kempton
  • Cobweb – Taylor Stadnik
  • Snow Queen – Heidi Krauss
  • Polar Bear 1  – William Gomes
  • Polar Bear 2 – Robert Petrie
  • Kay – Ben Kasahara
  • Gerda – Jillian Sjoquist
  • Grandma – Claire Schlichting
  • Scruff – Zach Diedrich
  • Aunt Peck – Lauren Rosenberg
  • Princess Lena – Jenna Clements
  • Prince – Jack Wisniewski
  • King Grin – Wyatt Anderson
  • Robber Woman – Maya Mic
  • Redhead – Maria Wallenhorst
  • Reindeer – Alexa Schirber

One or some combination of the following – Robbers, Ice Ghosts, Mean Boys, Toy Dolls:

  • Kay Borgerding
  • Megan Borgerding
  • Quinn Bourgon
  • Quincy Bryant
  • Anna Cole
  • Catherine Dukelow
  • Sydney Dunham
  • Riley Dunham
  • Stuart Fronk
  • Anna Marie Gomes
  • Garrett Graham
  • Grace Ha
  • Oliva Higgins
  • Alena Krauss
  • Joshua Lueth
  • Tori Lundeen
  • Nora Malueg
  • Kinsey Marrow
  • Tom Rajecula
  • Lexi Shields
  • Aaron Sigfrid
  • Kate Snyder
  • Jessica Stark
  • Amy Swanton
  • Devyn Terry
  • Lucas Thurston
  • Jamie Wang
  • Katie Weston
  • Emily Wheeler

Stage Manager: Eme Stenbeck

Suddenly Last Summer Cast List Announced

Announcing the cast and crew for Suddenly Last Summer!

Mrs. Venable- Maya Mic
Dr. Cukrowicz- Wyatt Anderson
Miss Foxhill-Jenna Clements
Mrs. Holly- Morgan Kempton
George Holly- Robert Petrie
Catherine Holly- Catherine Dukelow
Sister Felicity- Kristin Monson

Stage Manager- Eme Stenbeck
Costumes- Megan Borgerding
Tech – Zach Diedrich

Thank you all who auditioned! We will get together for a read through before Thanksgiving.

Callbacks Announced For The Snow Queen

Callbacks for The Snow Queen will be tonight from 4:00 – 6:00 for the following students to re-read for the following roles (Note: Though you may not have been called back, you are still under consideration for casting.):

  • Wyatt Anderson – Scruff / King Grin
  • Kay Borgerding – Gerda
  • Megan Borgerding – Snow Queen
  • Jenna Clements – Princess Lena
  • Zach Diedrich – Scruff
  • Catherine Dukelow – Cobweb
  • Riley Dunham – Aunt Peck
  • Anna Marie Gomes – Princess Lena
  • Olivia Higgins – Aunt Peck
  • Ben Kasahara – Kay
  • Morgan Kempton – Bhima / Robber Woman
  • Heidi Krauss – Snow Queen
  • Joshua Lueth – Bhima
  • Tori Lundeen – Gerda
  • Kinsey Marrow – Grandma / Robber Woman
  • Maya Mic – Cobweb / Aunt Peck
  • Robert Petrie – King Grin
  • Lauren Rosenberg – Gerda
  • Alexa Schirber – Snow Queen
  • Claire Schlichting  – Grandma
  • Lexi Shields – Redhead
  • Jillian Sjoquist – Gerda
  • Maria Wallenhorst – Redhead
  • Emily Wheeler – Princess Lena
  • Katie Weston – Grandma
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